Study program title: BASIC PROFESSIONAL STUDIES, SPORT - distance learning

Study program type: Basic professional studies (distance learning)

Study program enrollment prerequisites
Study program: Basic professional studies, sport admits candidates who have completed four year middle school of all profiles, is in perfect health and capable of attending practical part of teaching process and passing practical parts of exams and passes the entry exam comprising of the techniques of the selected sport.

Study program length and volume
Study program Basic professional studies to earn a degree Coach lasts six semesters with total of 180 ECTS credits.

Diploma- professional title: Coach

Study program goals

- Educate students to through efficient and high quality knowledge and through practical experience and application of practical skills involve in the professional work in the selected sport.
- Educate students for efficient professional engagement in sports clubs with the purpose to realize training process and competitions.

Study program outcomes

A student who completes the Study program BBaassiicc pprrooffeessssiioonnaall studies, sport acquires following competences:

- students efficiently apply acquired knowledge and practical experience in their professional work,
- students efficiently apply acquired knowledge and practical experience in the realization of the training process,
- students efficiently organize professional work in the training process and competitions,
- students efficiently apply scientific facts,
- students efficiently apply communication models in their work with the athletes, coaches, media and the society at large.

Teaching methods

Distance learning takes place through a combination of different forms of communication and exchange of the curriculum contents between teachers and students. The exchange of teaching content is achieved by using different media such as Web systems (computer platform to manage the process of distance learning and the Internet, e-mail messages), optical disks, compact discs, sound recordings, facsimiles, telephone communication and printed materials. The available modes of communication at the Faculty are: a) the use of general tools of computer platform to manage distance learning process (MOODLE): Chat, Forum, Message, and b) the use of other features of general communication: E-mail, SMS, phone, fax, mail and personal contact.

Each respective course in the Study program is organized and implemented in one semester. Teaching methods and modes are the following: lectures, practicals, consulting hours, practicals, mentor work, field based teaching modules, professional work, seminars. Lectures presuppose active approach of students with interactive teaching.

Knowledge assessment and grading

Subsystem for checking students' knowledge is integrated into the system for managing the process of distance learning and supports the following forms of learning and knowledge assessment:

- Consultation on the pre-exam and exam obligations;
- Self-test within each educational topic through modules Test (classical type) and Lesson (in case of an incorrect answer to the question during self-checking the teacher can direct the student to re-mastering course content which was already processed);
- Pre-exam checks through the modules Test and Task (teacher sets the task and deadlines for the response of students, and students in the same module submit text, pictures and / or answer files, that is they consult with a teacher and receive instructions for the advancement in the development of tasks);
- Generation of statistical reports on the performance of students throughout the test and by the questions asked in the context of the Test module;

Students' success is translated into grades in the following grading scheme:

- grade 10 (outstanding) for earned 91-100 points (A+),
- grade 9 (excellent) for earned 81-90 points, (A),
- grade 8 (very good) for earned 71-80 points, (B),
- grade 7 (good) for earned 61-70 points, (C),
- grade 6 (satisfactory) for earned 51-60 points, (D),
- grade 5 (fail) for earned 50 and less points (F).


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