Study program type: Doctor academic studies

Academic title: Doctor of philosophy in physical education, sport and kinesitherapy ( Ph.D.)

Study description

Doctoral academic studies, sports sciences, represent the third cycle of studies lasting for 3 years awarding 180 ECTS credits.

The third cycle programme is realised through didactic learning comprising lectures, consulting work, individual research work, seminar papers, review and analysis of corresponding literature, presentation of the individual research findings, publishing of the own research results, assessment of the acquired knowledge and defense of doctoral dissertation.

Educational aims of the doctoral study programme

Acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding of human motions in sports, physical education and recreation.
Enhancement of the abilities to conduct complex research projects that will contribute to the development of sports sciences and improvement of their research methodology.
Enhancement of critical appeoach in analysing, evaluating and surveilance of the scientific literature as well as interpreting of the obtained results of the body of individual research.
Enhancement of research competences in the area of sports and physical education in complience with ethical standards.
Enhancement of the ability to create new ideas in scientific research, establishment of professional conduct and team work necessary in the realisation of research activities.

Graduate students competences

By completing the study programme of the doctoral studies, sports sciences a student acquires general and domain specific abilities that are prerequisite for the qualitative conduct of scientific and research activities.

Within these abilities student is enhanced to:

- autonomously resolve practical and theoretical problems in the area of physical education and sport, organise and implement scientific research,
- take part in the external international scientific projects,
- possess and use cutting edge knowledge in the area of physical education and sport,
- develop critical thinking skills and respect ethical codes of good scientific practice,
- independantly report and present the findings of its own scinetific research work and to publish them as well in the refereed literature.

Within domain specific abilities a student will be able to:

- possess and understand cutting edge knowledge in the area of physical education and sport as a special discipline,
- resolve practical and theoretical problems by means of specific research methods in the area of physical education and sport,
- connect the acquired knowledge on physical education, recreation and sport organising it in the individual scientific research,
- keep abreast of the contemporary achievements in the domain specific sciences and use them in solving concrete problems,
- active participation in the realisation of scientific projects,
- public defense and presentation of individual results and opinions,
- autonomously create ones own scientific research and solve given problems,
- use of information technologies in the acquisition of knowledge in the area of physical education and sport.


Curriculum of the doctoral study programmes lasting three years or totaling 180 ECTS is conceived in complience with the European transfer credit system.

Knowledge assessment and grading

Students' success is translated into grades in the following grading scheme:

- grade 10 (outstanding) for earned 91-100 points, (A+),
- grade 9 (excellent) for earned 81-90 points, (A),
- grade 8 (very good) for earned 71-80 points, (B),
- grade 7 (good) for earned 61-70 points, (C),
- grade 6 (satisfactory) for earned 51-60 points, (D),
- grade 5 (fail) for earned 50 and less points (F).


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mala linija



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