General objectives of the Faculty

  • To systematically upgrade the contents of the PE curricula so as to permanently improve and enrich the knowledge and skills of the PE teachers, associates and students,
  • To nurture team work of the students, teachers and administrative staff,
  • To keep abreast of the latest achievements and to create better facilities and apply hi-tech to provide for better working conditions,
  • To apply the principles of the business and sports ethics and the fair play culture,
  • To promote the adequate evaluation of students, associates and administrative staff work and develop spreading of positive life energy and enhance real values of the working norms in the area of physical activities,
  • To respect and comply with academic independence and autonomy.

General tasks of the Faculty

The general task of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education is to educate highly skilled staff in the area of physical education, sport and recreation by adopting a system of easily readable and comparable degrees essentially based on two main cycles, undergraduate and graduate, the second cycle leading to the master and/or doctorate degree, to permanently envisage and realise scientific research projects in the area of physical activities and to provide other services in complience with the issued accredition certificate.

Pursuing the main tasks the Faculty encompasses educational, espertise and scientific activities as a part of the unique process of higher education and thus systematically and intermitently contribute to the development and upgrading of the teaching process, meeting the needs, demands and expectatons of the students population, teaching staff, customers and other interested parties of the society in large.

The Faculty's priorities are the fulfillment of general tasks and community acknowledged results whose fulfillments and achievements the Faculty provides and thus justifies its social and educational role.

Specific tasks of the Faculty

Rresearch-informed teaching is at the forefront of our activities at all levels. Thus specific objectives of the Faculty are:

  • To provide for contemporary contents of the curricula and adequate environment for the students to successfully develop and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the area of physical activities.
  • To enhance the implementation of flexible contents of the curricula and favourable environment for the creative studying, application of knowledge and skills, estimation, organisation, management and monitoring of the study programmes in the area of physical activities.
  • To provide and deliver curricula and adequate atmosphere for the creative studying and achievement of good results in studying, acquisition, analysis and usage of the body of knowledge in scientific disciplines enfringing the area of physical activities.
  • To provide for the promotion and development of specific disciplines through the skills of listening, writing, speaking and motor abilities in the area of sport, physical education and recreation
  • To modify eductional system of the Faculty in compliance with the Bologna Process and to make sure that students enrich their knowledge according to their choices of elective courses
  • To continuously and systematically improve and upgrade study programmes fitting them into the demands of science, domain specific knowledge and the market.


Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
Čarnojevića 10a, 18000 Niš

tel. +381 18 510-900
        +381 18 511-940
        +381 18 511-941

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